Ramble on . . .

Fall Finally!

I consider myself so fortunate with this weather that just passed through.  It was a life changing event for me and reminiscent of the ‘hurricane’ days down in Florida.  Hurricane Wilma took months to clean up.  Down in Florida, however, we did not loose the roads that Colorado did.

Chasing colors this year may be a challenge as so many favorite scenic drives have been affected by flooding and washout.  But I’ll be out there trying to figure it out.  This month and next month I’ll be trying to gather my photos and do the layout for my upcoming digital portfolio/catalog.  I just unpacked a box I had shipped from Florida that contains many wonderful images I have not used yet and 4 solid discs worth of pictures of one of my favorite birds, the roseatte spoonbill – a pink beauty!

Also will be posting information on an upcoming, new radio show I will launch in November.  It is a ‘buy sell trade donate’ on air format and planning to integrate guests and live interviews in the front end of the show.  I am preparing the media kit for it now and it will be ready by the end of this month.

Happy Fall!