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July Showers Bring Lots Of Wildflowers!

I noticed that a couple of the tree tops in my yard look like they want to turn yellow.  They are confounded like we are about all of this rain.  The benefit, of course, is that we remain fire-free and there are tens of thousands of beautiful wildflowers.  Get out and see them while they are peaking.  These pictures were taken in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  (open READ MORE to view pics)





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Spring-False Start!

Well – we thought we made it.  Not so!  It’s Mother’s Day and it has snowed more continuously than any previous storm of the whole past winter, with no signs of letting up.  That’s ok!  Welcome to mountain weather in Colorado!  Maybe after the next couple of days, we’ll be on to at least the beginnings of spring.   Many floriferous trees started their blooms and its a great time to get out there and photograph the blossoms with snow on ...

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A New Dawn

8.13-After months of struggling with mastering WordPress, I think I am finally making headway. I am looking forward to entering brave new worlds with this web building software as it will allow me the freedom of adding content to my website from both my iPhone and my iPad. It’s remarkable technology and I know I am going to love the freedom of no longer being tethered to a desktop to maintain my site. If you have a chance, hit the ...

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